How To Be Happy And Create
The Life That You Want (Part 1)

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Have you ever thought you had a part of your life "planned out" - only to find that life seemed to have other plan?

A few years ago, I was a High School teacher and also had a job at a local group home.  There were some weeks where I was working over 100 hours a week and I thought that I could get ahead by simply working harder.

Is that something you can relate to?

Then, one day a friend called me and asked me an important question that changed my personal and professional life forever.  That is an important story and one that I hope to share with you in the future, but let me summarize it like this.  Because of that call, I was able to change my life in a massive way, spend 3 months with my terminally ill father before he passed away, and have been able to learn from many amazing and talented people.

Ultimately, what I have learned and experienced led me to writing this letter to you today!

I realize there are things that you want to change or improve in your life.  As a teacher, I specialize in helping people to learn new things and my goal is to help you learn how to make the changes you are thinking about.

In life, we can either figure things out on our own (which usually takes more time and frustration) or we can learn from people, who have already done what we are looking to do?  I preferred to study and learn from successful people, so I could fast track my success.

If you'd like to fast track your success and learn how to start making those changes ...

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